Projection Paintings

Ryan P. Griffin is doing live projection paintings. Taken from his website: “Akin to graffiti, the most direct way to mark or message, Griffin creates freestyle projection ‘paintings’ that unfold and respond to the location they are created yet leave no visible trace. Like a poem, a story told and shared through tangible light lasting only for moments. Whether in front of an audience or a camera taking time-lapse animation, the viewer is brought into experiencing the dynamic creative process.



Video Mapping Competition

Just got this link on the Urban Projection Facebook Page to a Video Mapping Competition in Paris from 25th to 27th of October 2011.

Take part in the first International Video Mapping competition, which is open to artists, companies and students from all over the world: the “VLS Video Mapping Trophy“.

To be honest the trailer for the comp looks pretty cheesy so I won´t post it here but i thought it´s a good way to make a little post for the Urban Projection Facebook site, so don´t hesitate and become a fan.

The eyewriter

Free Art and Technology (FAT), OpenFrameworks and the Graffiti Resarch Lab: Tempt1, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Zach Lieberman,Theo Watson and James Powderly have teamed-up with a legendary LA graffiti writer, publisher and activist, named TEMPTONE. Tempt1 was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, a disease which has left him almost completely physically paralyzed… except for his eyes. This international team is working together to create a low-cost, open source eye-tracking system that will allow ALS patients to draw using just their eyes. The long-term goal is to create a professional/social network of software developers, hardware hackers, urban projection artists and ALS patients from around the world who are using local materials and open source research to creatively connect and make eye art.

Here and now

Some more mapping here…Great interactive installation with dance performance by Klaus Obermaier. Check out his Youtube profile for more videos on different projects.

“Here and now” was also shown at the Ruhrlights Festival which took place at several places around Dortmund, Germany, in September 2010. Hopefully it will happen again in 2011. In the meantime you could have a look at the many projects and installations from last year here.

Still hungry for more mapping clips? Have a look at the “Video Mapping Blog” for more stunning examples.

Mapping Festival 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

The 2010 edition of the Mapping Festival held in Geneva, Switzerland brought over 10,000 people in 10 days from all across the globe, it has become the largest specialized international event  and represents the work of artist who share a passion for real time images.

The festival comprises everything from lectures, conferences, live a/v performances, workshops, exhibitions, video installations, vjcontest and crazy parties with live DJ/VJ sets.


It was the introduction of madmapper wich provides a simple and easy tool for mapping projections, demystifying the process and allowing the artist to focus on creating content.
It runs on syphon and can be use with Modul8, Quartz Composer, VDMX 5, OpenFrameworks, MaxMsp / Jitter, Processing (soon), Resolume, Isadora.


After 5 years doing this site and most of the time not posting that often I was always looking for people to help me out and join for posting. Ceci Solaga is now on board and that´s just great! She´s an active VJ and projection artist so for sure this site will become more vibrant and up to date (for more info on her just check the last post).

We also founded a new Channel on Vimeo where we post a lot of related clips while not posting everyone here on the site, so be sure to check that out, too. Now its on to Ceci on the next post, looking forward to the next months! Welcome Ceci!

SANSULA Dominik Eulberg musicvideo from dirk rauscher on Vimeo.

Yekpare – 10 – 11 – 12 December, Istanbul

Just got a mail to a series of projections going on right now in Istanbul: “In June, we performed urbanscreening project “Yekpare”(monolithic), Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture as one of the closing events will be repeated. Performance will be realized by using Video/3D mapping techniques in public places 10 – 11 – 12 December, at 20.00 can be viewed in Kadıköy.

Telling a 8500 years history of İstanbul on Haydarpaşa Train Station not only all of us , also proud the audience. We know that Istanbul deserve and will see better.”


To watch the clip from the screening back in June go here, and if you´re around Istanbul right now have a look live today or tomorrow.

Markeringer by Armsrock, Copenhagen 2010


Unique engravings done with etching needle on black Pani slide” by Armsrock in Copenhagen, October 2010.  There is an upcoming Solo-exhibition at the Wonderland Art Space in Copenhagen from called “Armsrock – Nocturne on a drainpipe flute“. Again Armsrock will be around at night projecting “Part of the visual material from the exhibition…in Copenhagen’s urban spaces.”

Opening: Friday December 10 2010 5-10 pm
Exhibition Period: December 10, 2010 – January 15, 2011  Opening Hours: 5-7 pm

More info on Armsrock go here as well as a link to the Wonderland Art Space Website

Anti VJ at the St Gervais Mapping Festival 2010

Great show from Anti VJ at the St Gervais Mapping Festival 2010 at Geneve (06. – 16.05.2010). At their website you can find more clips from this years festival as well as an application form for next years event that will take place from 19th to 29th May 2011.

If you want to see more from Anti VJ go here, and if you can´t get enough of mapping techniques you should definitly have a look at the vimeo group vimappingeo!

Nerdworking – A creative collective from Istanbul

Back in July I got a mail to a nice big scale projection done by the creative collective “Nerdworking” in Istanbul. It was called “YEKPARE” and this is their short explanation:”Yekpare” is a storyteller which narrates the 8500 year story of Istanbul. The story embraces symbols from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to Istanbul at the present day.” for more info just follow the vimeo link.

‘YEKPARE’ (monolithic) from nerdworking on Vimeo.

A few days ago I got another mail with a link to a pretty nice indoor mapping projection made by the same collective. Check the video below and follow the vimeo link for more info. If you like the idea of putting together real objects and projection with the help of mapping techniques like in the example below just klick on the “mapping” link in the “categories” section on the right.

“NARKULE” (indoor mapping) from nerdworking on Vimeo.

Mutek 2010

Mutek_10 – international festival of digital creativity and music at Montreal, Canada features a series of urban projections.

MUTEK_10 inaugurates EXTRA_MUROS, a series of outdoor projects using urban Montreal as a canvas for play and projection

With this endeavor, MUTEK reaffirms its role as trampoline to propel visionary artists into the streets of the city and into the realm of new and uninitiated audiences, many of whom will see Montreal in a new light as a result.

This first tier of local and international talent invites you to see the city as a platform punctuated by their monumental creativity. Their work will be on display throughout the festival, from Montreal’s Old Port all the way up the Saint Laurent Boulevard’s annual sidewalk sale.

Installations run from Wednesday May 27 to Sunday May 31 – from dusk to 3 am

Featured Artists are: AntiVJ, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Dominique T Skoltz and Amuse

So if you´re from canada or anywhere near, or you have the money to go there you definitely should! I would love to!

Beware of the GOD

Got a mail today from Deborah Kelly who did cloud projections with a large scale projector and the slogan “Beware of the GOD” back in 2006. She redid these projections at the Singapore Biennale 2008.

Back then the New York Times wrote: ”

SINGAPORE — Like the giant Batman sign projected into the night skies of Gotham City, the text “Beware of the God” suddenly appeared in the Singaporean sky mid-September. The 30-minute projection, repeated over several nights, was the work of Deborah Kelly, part of the opening week of the Singapore Biennale 2008.

While the Australian artist said the work had a serious subtext, warning of the confluences of religion and politics, she added that it also aimed to “entirely disarm the audience so you don’t go ‘Oh more art’; you go, ‘What is that? It’s a miracle!

For more information and pictures go here.

Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface

Just got a mail to an event in Amsterdam taking place on the 4th of December: “Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface”

In their words:” Urban Screens is a series of events and seminars that has been organized around the theme of outdoor display screens (LED signs, plasma screens, projection boards, information terminals as well as intelligent architectural surfaces) in urban areas. It supports the idea of using public space as a platform for creation and cultural exchange, strengthening the local economy and encouraging public discussion.”

Urban Screens as Architecture, with Matthijs ten Berge (Illuminate), Mettina Veenstra (Novay Research), and more. Moderator: Merijn Oudenampsen (Mute, Flexmens).
The Mobile Screen, with Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City), Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University), Annet Dekker (Goldsmiths and Virtual Platform), Auke Touwslager & Ursula Lavrencic (Cellphone Disco). Moderator: Jan Simons (UvA).
The Mediatized City, with Theodore Watson (Graffiti Research Lab), Juha Van ‘t Zelfde (VURB) , Gijs Gootjes (MediaLAB Amsterdam), Visual Foreign Correspondents.
Urban Screens Reader Launch, with Sabine Niederer.

For more information go here. Thanks for the Mail Elena!

Sweatshoppe – Video Painting

Got a mail to a fantastic project going on in New York. I just post the mail here :

Multimedia performers Sweatshoppe have been wheat pasting buildings
with moving images all over New York. Mapping video projections to
LED-lit paint rollers, Sweatshoppe lay their projections on a surface,
paint-stroke by paint stroke. They call new digital performance style
“Video Painting” and have demonstrated the end result here:

SWEATSHOPPE, 4spots, the landing extras from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

How it works: The software controlling the video was written in Max.
The paint roller does not use any sort of paint, it simply contains
green LEDs. The software tracks the color green and outputs the x y
position which are sent to drawing commands and the strokes are
textured with video.

Sweatshoppe is video artists Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw. They plan on
eventually releasing the software, but only after it is much more
refined, buffed up with features and is user-friendly.

more info:

thanks for the mail jacky

“Tagtool” at Rua João Moura, São Paulo

It´s always worth checking woostercollective for street art related projects and news. The photo you see below was taken by Dani Bevervanso showing the latest large scale projection by “Tagtool”.


pic by santo acervo

Explanation taken from their website:

“The Tagtool is a performative visual instrument used on stage and on the street. It serves as a VJ tool, a creative video game, or an intuitive way of creating animation.

The system is operated collaboratively by an artist drawing the pictures and an animator adding movement to the artwork with a gamepad. The design achieves virtually unlimited artistic complexity with a simple set of controls, which can be mastered even by children.”

You should definitely check their website for more pictures, projects and informations about the Tagtool.

International Guerrilla Video Festival

Kelly O´Connor "Latent" at IGVFest 2009, Dublin

There´s a festival for urban projections since 2006. Stops so far were Florence (Italy), Milano (Italy) and Dublin (Ireland) this february.

This is what they say:

The International Guerrilla Video Festival (IGVFest) is a mobile festival integrating video art with the urban and social environment. The festival removes the technologically complex medium of video out of the institutional situation re-positioning it as open and reflexive in the public domain. The artworks have site-specific thematic relations to the space where they are shown, engaging and reflecting upon the unique architectural, historical, and interpersonal context of each area the festival travels to.” read more on their website.

Urban Screens and Dreaming Houses

The folks at Urban Screen are onto some of the most fluid and architecturally sensitive projections around.

In their words:

“The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers “Galerie der Gegenwart”. Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves – describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.”

For an excellent example see

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Some theory: “Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society”

First Monday with a Special Issue: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society bring together some really interesting articels. These are the topics:

  • Urban Screens: the beginning of a universal visual culture by Paul Martin Lester
  • The politics of public space in the media city by Scott McQuire
  • The poetics of urban media surfaces by Lev Manovich
  • Interpreting urban screens by Anthony Auerbach
  • Story space: A theoretical grounding for the new urban annotation by Rekha Murthy
  • The urban incubator: (De)constructive (re)presentation of heterotopian spatiality and virtual image(ries) by Wael Salah Fahmi
  • Urban screens: Towards the convergence of architecture and audiovisual media by Tore Slaatta
  • Towards an integrated architectural media space by Ava Fatah gen. Schieck
  • Art and social displays in the branding of the city: Token screens or opportunities for difference? by Julia Nevárez
  • Hijacking the urban screen: Trends in outdoor advertising and predictions for the use of video art and urban screens by Raina Kumra
  • For an aesthetics of transmission by Giselle Beiguelman
  • Intelligent skin: Real virtual by Vera Bühlmann
  • Programming video art for urban screens in public space by Kate Taylor

Go to the articels here

Ali Momeni and his bicycle fleet

“Ride along with Ali Momeni and his bicycle fleet of mobile video projectors that transform public spaces into eye-popping sound and light shows. Ali’s group, ‘Art on Wheels’ brings ephemeral art to the masses by modifying vendor carts into portable projection systems that can roll to a site, set up and illuminate city walls at a moment’s notice, then whisk away into the night. Also, see the first projector, the “magic lantern,” that’s still in use today.”…taken from vimeo

See more clips and movies of Ali in action at or at his own website here.



Back in 2004 Marc Hoepfel from Germany did some nice projections during the Olympic Games 2004 in the city of Athens.

“Lightstrive is a projection in the street. A building is lit by a fast moving light source which seems to bounce in front of the facade. Although it´s light makes jutties and balconies cast dancing shadows which keep sheering in changing directions there is no moving light source to be seen. The only real light source is a video projector opposite the building.”…read more on his website.

Riding through the night

A few years ago Dave Lynch was inspired by the work “wildlife” by Karolina Sobecka. He found the Link (you can find it under Artists) here on this side and now he gave me a mail to his project “The horse in motion”.

“In 1872 Leland Stanford hired Edweard Muybridge to answer a question of whether a horse’s feet left the ground whilst running. 12 cameras; 21 inches apart taking a picture at 1000th of a second proved this. – The Horse in Motion – These images lead to the discovery of arguably one of the 1st projection systems. The Zoopraxiscope. 121 years later I brought the horse back to motion…”

If you like to learn more about the analog systems like the Zoopraxiscope Dave mentioned in his description have a look here.

Nike Gold at CCTV Tower

End of May 2008 Nike did some really large projections at the CCTV Tower, Beijing, China. The size is quite impressive, it´s hard just to imagine how big this building is. Compared to the skyline and the buildings in the back it´s just giant.

Using a slideshow different chinese athletes and ornaments have been projected on the futuristic architecture of the CCTV Building. Watch a Youtube Video here.

AntiVJ – amazing live work

I really like this one! Especially because it was made live. This is what he wrotes: “This is a short video I made yesterday. The idea is to project some live visuals on a building, and also play with the existing elements (doors, windows..) and light up elements separatly, in rythm with the music. Not perfectly in time, but this is live ! :)” Movie and more here.

Projection by Crustea

More Events

Modus Operandi art consultants curated “Light Up Queen Street 05/06 “, an annual programme of external lighting, video and sound commissions for the City of London.

“Illuminating York”
This winter York will be more beautiful in the evening than ever before. Many of the city’s most treasured buildings will be bathed in light so that everyone can explore and enjoy York as much by night as by day. Read more.

If you´re staying somewhere around Brussel have a look at “TOUCH” – an urban interactive installation by LAb[au] from 26 December 2006 until 15 January 2007 every day between 17H00 and 01H00 on the Dexia Tower and place Rogier in Brussels, Belgium. Have a look at the Livestream.

“Touch” in Brussels


From 11th to 21st of January there will be a lot of public projections in Stuttgart, Germany, in line with the 20th Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Urban Projections will participate, too. It will start on Thursday, the 11th with the work of Heinrich Breitsprecher “Burnout”, 19:00 near Bohnenviertel. The next will be “Brandsatz” by optokopter on Friday the 12th at reinsburgstr. 95 (near Schwabstr.) More Dates and pictures will follow soon.

Got a Mail today (Thanks Marcel!) to a fantastic french project that should spread the world! Have a look at their side and help them with your own “work of light”.

FAITES DE LA LUMIERE! Worldwide on Saturday, 16 June 2007.

Transform your daily life by Chinese shades, luminous machines, slide shows, paper cut out with the windows, of the mix vidéos, projections of film, performances illuminated, luminous fantomes, reflections of pans…Spread your lights on the panes of the cars, the edges of the pavement, the windows, the frontages, cloths suspended, the sheets of the trees…

Under Scan

UNDER SCAN by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is definetly Big Budget (110 000 Lumen) but a wonderful, interesting work. Have a look at the showreel.

It is a large-scale public art project commissioned by the East Midlands Development Agency in England. Thousands of “video-portraits” taken in Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton and Nottingham will be projected onto the ground of the main squares and pedestrian thoroughfares of these cities. At first, the portraits will not be visible because the space will be flooded by white light coming from the world’s most powerful projector.

As people walk around the area, their shadow will be cast on the floor, revealing the video-portraits. The short video sequences begin with the subjects in a still position turned away from the camera. As they appear within pedestrians’ shadows, their bodies move and their heads turn to look straight at the pedestrian, potentially giving rise to an interesting range of interactions.

When a shadow moves away from a portrait, the portrait likewise reacts by losing interest and looking away. With the assistance of a large team of developers, ArtReach production and Stage Right staging.

If you liked Under Scan, check out the video for an earlier work done by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: body movies

Under Scan

Light attack

Light attack – by Daniel Sauter. The Project started in 2004.

Light Attack is a media artwork, as well as social experiment, performed in public urban spaces. While driving through the city, an animated virtual character is projected onto the cityscape, exploring places ‘to go’ and places ‘not to go’, according to the popular Lonely Planet travel guide. Check the Showreel

Light Attack